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Kaiaulu O Kupuohi Apartments

89-unit Affordable Apartment Development
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Affordable For-Rent Apartments

The Kaiaulu O Kupuohi Apartments (KOK for short) is an affordable for rent apartment development in Lahaina that was completed in 2022. The building is four stories tall and sits on a 12” post tension suspended slab with parking below. There are a total of 89 residential units with 82 in the tower and 7 on the ground floor along with the community center. The tower has four laundry rooms, one on each floor. Each unit along with the four laundry rooms has a solar water heating system. The roof of the building holds all 93 solar water heating collectors on aluminum tilt racks.
A major portion of our work involved installing the suspended DWV and domestic water piping in the ceiling space of the parking garage. Because of the congested nature of ceiling spaces, a detailed and thorough design of our DWV and copper water systems was completed in Revit. Although we were the only subcontractor to build a model, we were able to overlay both HVAC shop drawings done in Revu and fire sprinkler drawings done in CAD. This enabled us to coordinate placement locations and heights with the other MEP subcontractors.
The work under the podium also required thorough coordination with the structural components of the suspended slab such as rebar and post tension cables. Using a total robotic station we were able to quickly and accurately place over 400 Hold-Rite firestopping sleeves for piping penetrations and 800 pre-cast anchors for pipe hangers.
Smoother & Faster

Prefabrication Process

The DWV and copper water piping systems were pre-fabricated offsite. The fab shop cut hanger rods and piping for the Cast Iron DWV & copper water piping to length utilizing a Tigerstop saw system. The components were packaged and palletized by building area and distributed to the site. Each package contained the necessary fittings, pipe and hangers and spool sheet for assembly onsite. Prefabricating components offsite allowed for smoother and faster and safer installation onsite.

This project had over 15000 feet of cast iron piping, 12,000 feet of copper piping and 12,000 feet of pex.

Although this project proved a challenge, we’re incredibly proud to have been a part of a project that provides affordable housing to the people of our community.

Project Details

General Contractor: Maryl Group


BIM Modeling


Robotic Total Station Layout